We are giving away a car.


 The body is 1994 Mustang that has been body swapped onto a 1994 Blazer chassis. It is still in the process of being made, teaser photos will start to float on our pages shortly. Many Utah Gambler's have put time, and parts into this vehicle. 
We ask that you go onto our main social media pages and hit that follow button on Facebook and Instagram to see new swag items towards the cause and status of the giveaway car.
Current Number of Entrees
As of 1/ Mar /2023 - 100 Contestants have entered
There are 3 ways to earn points to win this car:
- Option 1-
You can earn points by spending money on items on our site. 1 point for every 5 dollars spent. From Oct 22, 2022 till we give it away.
-Option 2-
Complete your free entry on in the products. This is completely free. Add it to your cart and proceed to check out. We will use this info to verify the winner. Only one entry per person will count. 
-Option 3-

Once a month till we give the car away, we encourage people to share our What and Why on their personal social media pages. Near the first day of every month, the Utah Gambler 500 will make a post talking about how we are trying to earn funds for our gambler family in need. Sharing that specific post on your own social media pages can earn you an extra 2 entrees, per a platform. (EXAMPLE: Follow the Utah Gambler 500 to see their post on Facebook. You then share that post on your page. Tag us in your post and say something with it. You can receive two free entrees on Facebook. You can do that all again on Instagram to receive four free entrees per a month the raffle is going.) 


AGAIN The reason for free entrées is to share the word of what and why we are doing this whole raffle. Our goal is to earn funds, not give away a car. That is why there are TWO free ways to enter on this car.

Stating FREE GIVEAWAY and sharing that across social media will void all of that contestants entries!


The main builder has bones made of glass, once he is healed better and the other build team are able to meet back up, progress will resume again. Right now it is currently on on hold and 70% complete. Still needs a few mechanic components installed. Assume April as that is what we are hoping for and we apologize for the delay.

To read the full rules and eligibility CLICK HERE