Cancer Sucks

We love our members from the Admins to the brand new members! Though primarily this is is a male activity our spouses deal with the extra cars and projects and events extremely well and we do not thank them enough!
One of our members wife's have discovered they have stage 3 melanoma cancer. Alyssa Redman is an amazing woman, but earlier 2022 Alyssa and Sam got the unsettling news that she had stage 3 melanoma cancer. Since then they have been doing the proper treatments and things are going well, but in that journey many things have needed to be sold in order to pay for medical bills.
If you would like to donate directly here is their personal Venmo and PayPal, click the photos to be taken to their accounts.
(search @samchief if hyperlink doesn't work) 
As a Gam Fam we are doing our part to help out, from now till Spring 2023. ALL items on our website: 90% of the proceeds will go towards the Redman family to help pay for their medical bills. We are offering a few select products and 100% of those items proceeds will go to the Redman's!
There is also a giveaway, the purpose of the giveaway is to spread the word and help earn funds for the Redman's. Below is the computer rending of the car. The car is still being built so final look may be different. There will only be one winner of the car. There are two free ways to earn points towards the giveaway. If you would like something in exchange all purchases on our website will also earn you one point for every $5 dollars spent. Eligible from Oct 22, 2022 till we give it away someday in 2023. CLICK HERE or the car FOR DETAILS.