Fall Fambler 2023
This will be a family-friendly event. Bring your kids, dogs, and invite your friends with fun rides that aren't in the gambler (yet). Let's make it fun and make it contagious!
The Frischknecht Family have reserved our base camp this year. Their grandpa, Neil C Frischknecht, was a local Forest Service Ranger for many years in the area we are exploring. The family heard of our cause and wanted to help us out. This years basecamp will be on private property that is on the shoreline of a lake. The beach section will be divided into two areas, an adult section, and a family section.
We know what Gambler events can be. Please keep the family stuff on the family side. Adult stuff on the adult side.
We have one main rule this year at fall camp, NO GLASS BOTTLES. Glass breaks often and does not fully get cleaned up from recreational areas. We want to keep bare feet a thing for all on the beach, so get your drinks in metal or plastic.

We will have bathrooms and a dumpster at camp.


There are a limited number of established dwellings available for rent to sleep in for a small fee for those interested.

(See the post in the discussion section of the event on Facebook for full details)
You are welcome to bring your own tent to camp on the beach for free.
If you want to bring your camp trailers, there is a spot for them, but not on the beach.
Kayaks and Jet skis are also available for rent but plan to bring whatever you would like to entertain your group and / or family at the beach all day.
Routes will be given out Friday evening and Saturday morning. We will have multiple suggested routes to travel. Routes will have distance and estimated times, starting from a 15-minute drive to a 7-hour long route. All routes will start from base camp and end in local towns. Allowing you to get food and fuel and help support the local communities. You are always welcome to make your own route so long as you stay on public lands, don’t race, and plan to collect trash.

Rough schedule.

Friday- show up to camp, have fun, collect trash as you wish, and give our routes that night.
Saturday- give more routes out. Go explore and collect trash or hang out on the beach.  At 6pm we will do a fun awards ceremony for those on the beach.
Sunday- do what you want till the awards ceremony. Give away a few fun awards. Then send people home.
We are still determining a few details. Follow this events discussion page on Facebook to see details as they are dropped! Or come back to the website often.
(The provided sleeping areas are limited. If you want one, I will post that info shortly.)