Jesse Brown planned this event with a few of his co-workers.
It was meant to be a shake down before going the mint 400 this year but no one went to the mint 400, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
It started in Springville, went up over mountain ranges to strawberry reservoir. From there to current creek reservoir, played in mountains above Heber.  Danny and Jesse got pulled over for throwing away a couch. Jumped over the American Fork canyon mountain range area and ended in the Lehi area.
Estimated Attendees Estimated Trash Collected
15 vehicles / 20 people One - 20 yard dumpster - and a couch
- HERE is the coordinates and Handout sheet -

2020 FALL -

Nate D had moved, Dan C had a recent surgery, and Jesse B was at a military training. This event got planned about a week before the event by quick thinkers 
to help keep the gambler a float.
It was done in the 5 mile, west Utah lake desert area.
Estimated Attendees Estimated Trash Collected
40 vehicles / 60 people one - 10 yard dumpster
- HERE is the Coordinates and Handout we gave out -