Partners are those who support the Utah Gambler 500. Click their logo image to go to their website to show your support back. 

Whether that is by donations or providing a product as a giveaway at our next big event. We love our partners.

(Companies are not in any particular order)

 If you or your company are interested in becoming a partner, please email us at


Sandy Beach at Yuba Lake

Parker and Jason with Sandy Beach at Yuba Lake helped hook up a beautiful base camp for our Fall Fambler 2023 event. They have many sleeping accommodations down on the lake to make you lake camping experience unforgettable. It was a great spot for our family focuses event, with plenty of beach things for the family to do!



Salty Gears Off Road

Salty Gears Off Road builds high quality off-road vehicles customized for both performance and looks. Driven by their passion for all things off-road, they make your dreams into reality's. Driving that passion also involves cleaning the trails. They often donate high dollar items to Utah Gambler 500 events, ranging from Winches, RTT, Fox Racing Shocks, and more. Be sure to check them out and thank them! SERIOUSLY! GO THANK THEM!

The Heating and Cooling guys

A local HVAC company based out of Provo that serves all of Utah country and has been in business for over 20 years.
HVAC systems help regulate our homes and make them comfortable. To make things comfortable for the Utah Gambler 500, they paid and made the reservations for the 2021 Fall, 2022 Fall, and most recent the 2023 Fall Fambler events campsites.

Rhino USA

Rhino USA makes recovery gear and straps and accessories for the trails. They are made in the USA and very proud of it. They helped provide a few giveaways for members at our fall 2022 event and out 2023 Fall Fambler event. We are very thankful for their donation and hope to do more business with them in the future.


Alta Racks is located in Murray, Ut. They make heavy duty bike racks to go into your sq receiver to go anywhere, anytime. Cleaning the trails includes the narrow bike trails and helps keep all who use the trail safe. Alta Racks is happy to be one of Utah Gambler 500's longest and oldest sponsors.
Check out their website for all products and deals!

Shay-K's Redleg Spice Rub

Shay-K's Redleg Spice Rub is seasoning for your meat. At our Fall Fambler we gave many samples away, and put this rub on our meat that we served for dinners. It tasted amazing! He a VET and Utah local, his products are available for purchase in the San Pete area at various stores as well as online.


Pyro Putty is a must have for any and everyone! Pyro Putty's proprietary blend allows you to build a fire at any given time. It will adhere to sticks, logs and numerous surfaces makes Pyro Putty the most versatile fire starting solution available. They not only care about the trails but the camp sites as well, keeping it clean and enjoyable for all. So everyone can enjoy good warm atmospheres around the fire.


March 1st and 2nd 2024
Mountain America Expo Center
 SLOREX have helped us establish the right connections to do projects better with the state, and helped pay for safety and much needed materials at previous events.
The Expo is a 2 day event, bringing together off-roaders and promoting local off-road businesses. Its a great environment to check out cool and new stuff on the market! Along with groups trying to make a difference in the state of Utah. SLOREX has joined Utah Gambler at a few of our clean up events helping provide tools and man power needed to help clean our public lands. Once that door opened the Utah Gambler 500 was able to make it to the expo in spring of 2022. We made some good relationships with the SLOREX crew and plan to do events in the future!

Buckskin Hills Recreation Complex

Buckskin Hills Recreation Complex is a place to go have fun in the Vernal, Utah area. They have 4x4 trails, mountain bike trails, a shooting range, motocross, dirt oval race track, and sledding hills in the winter. Derrick was amazing to work with, was very responsive, and very professional and helped make things beyond extremely well for the Utah Gamblers at the fall 2022 event, We are defiantly planning on going back soon! 

General Tire

General Tire is a company that produces tires for vehicles. Through our connections one day a General Tire Rep saw our cars at an event and said "I love it, I want our tires on those cars!" Since then we have maintained the great relationship at events they have given us a few shirts and stickers and encouraged members to buys their stuff. 2023 will be a better year for the Utah Gambler 500 and the General Tire team.

ESCAPOD Trailers

Escapod Trailers builds rugged trailers build for the off road. They have helped the Utah Gambler with their summer events paying for dumpster costs and helping establish relationships with other company's as well. We have talks wo do more business in the future and for that we thank them. You should look up their gear and if you live near park city they are also looking for more hard workers.


Computune Certified Auto provides reliable, honest service to those in need of quality auto services. They are committed to performing quality work on every vehicle that comes in their garage, they are fully stocked with the latest tools, equipment, and repair information. Gambler rides need parts often and so do the other vehicles in our drive ways. Check them out when your not sure what the issue is.


Heat Wave Visual makes sunglasses along with other appeal. They have teamed up with the OG Gamblers and made some custom Gambler Sunglasses to be the envy of any one! At the Utah Gambler Buckskin Cup, Heat Wave donated many sunglasses, air fresheners, and lanyards to give away as prizes. Go thank them and check out their gear!


Salt City Customs Is brought to you by enthusiasts, who live their life Off-road and under the hood.  They have strategically built relationships with multiple aftermarket warehouse distributors, and part manufacturers. Bottom line if you need an Off Road related part, most likely they have it! 


Fitzy's Metals

Fitzys Metals is your mom and pop weld shop that handles everything. They are happy to help make and fabricate anything that walks in the door. They have personally designed and fabricated many things for the Utah Gambler 500 over the years. Find them on Facebook to help with your welding and fabing needs!
Utah Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Program
First off huge shout out to Mike Thomas. He is the OHV Program Volunteer Specialist and OHV Program Social Media Coordinator with in the Utah DNR, state parks section. He has personally greatly helped the Utah Gambler 500 get through all the red and yellow tape it takes to make large events happen on state property. With out him  our large events wouldn't be what they are today! If you see him at the the events or at the Salt Lake Off Road Expo, PLEASE THANK HIM! Check out the UTAH OHV site for opportunities to help others,  events, and common FAQs.
If you have a company and and idea how to help out the Utah Gambler 500, please email us at