About Us

The Utah Gambler is a baby of the original Gambler 500. To read about them scroll down. Otherwise, the Utah Gambler 500 started in 2017 by a handful of friends who saw what the Oregon Gambler boys were doing and adopted the same ideals. Get a cheap car, take it on dirt roads with some friends, collect trash, and have fun.
The Utah Gambler 500 is a an organization that strives to do good in the community. We do primarily do trail cleanup projects, working with local DNR and Forest Service agencies. Cleaning trash and abandoned vehicles off public lands, supporting manual labor where needed. We have merchandise available to help pay for recreational permit fees and dumpster disposal costs. And always appreciate donations.
The events range from a Saturday breakfast with friends, to driving to the ends of the state to explore dirt roads for a few days. We have two major events a year, one in the Spring and the other in the Fall. Having two smaller events in Summer and Winter as well.
We are primarily a Facebook group with most discussions on our group page, our webpage is for the sales of swag and help get our name out there.
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The Gambler 500 originally started in Oregon by the legendary Tate Morgan and some friends by having fun in cheap cars, on a cheap budget. Now thousands gather for their annual events and many individual states have adopted the concept. Their official website is HERE.
Though we are a baby of them, we are not them.