2021- winter - BLUE DART 1

Danny P. planned this event. It was the southern end of the Great Salt Lake area. Danny got crazy and tried to jump the train tracks with his mustang.
-Here is the Route used -
Estimated Attendees Estimated Trash Collected
15 vehicles / 20 people one - 10 yard dumpster


2021 Spring - Saints to Sinners.

Nate Demors, Dan Carlson, Nate's friends, and Jesse Brown, helped plan and organize this event. This event started in the St George Utah area and went towards Las Vegas, NV. The goal was to end at the Mint 400 in Primm, NV. But unfortunately the Civid-19 Pandemic change ALOT of the event details, including start locations, finish location / awards ceremony, ect - (it was a weird time.)
Since there was no true start line, no true finish line, awards ceremony, and no true routes, we have estimated numbers. Six 40 yard dumpsters were filled with trash (and boats) collected off public lands. We had over 250 members attend this event with many come from over 7 different states.
There were over 50 points, people could choose and make their own route. There was a concept that each way point correlated to a poker card, but that kind of got lost in detail, the admins made a HUGE mistake by saying there was fake waypoints and real ones. We ended up just rewarded the group that went to the most way points. What that was I think was just some Utah Gambler shirts of that time. Either way a bunch of people showed up to have fun. A handful still swear the starting night at Dan C's place was the COLDEST night of their lives to this day. 
Below are pictures of the route and what the "real" checkpoints were marked with. 
Estimated Attendees Estimated Trash Collected
215 vehicles / 250 people six - 40 yard dumpsters

Summer - Summer Abduction

Trystan Thomas planned this event. We started at a mom and pop shop Ogden area and headed west. Going north around the Great Salt Lake. The group then ended in a small town in Nevada just north of Wendover.

- click here for the checkpoints / hand out - 

Estimated Attendees Estimated Trash Collected
10 vehicles / 20 people One - 20 yard dumpster

Fall- Lake Gambler Phenomenon

Jesse Brown planned this event. We started at an O'reilys Auto Parts in Ogden. We then took a few different route through the mountains and ended near Bear Lake. We worked with the Forest Service and helped correct and install orange poles to help for winter OHV travelers. The Forest Service was concerned about the amount of travelers on the narrow roads during the fall hunting season so we were kind of forced to make multiple routes.

- click here for the route checkpoints / hand outs / service thing / awards - 

Estimated Attendees Estimated Trash Collected
75 vehicles / 110 people One - 20 yard dumpster